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This country is in a very tough place right now. We can all at least agree on that. There is a pandemic. There is racial inequality. There is an increase in unemployment.  There is rioting and targeted violence. There is also a huge upcoming election that will no doubt be historical to this nation. Most notably, there is ALOT to DISAGREE on. I remember a particularly stressful day maybe 16 years ago in nursing school when I very much doubted my knowledge and ability. I caught a glimpse of a poster hanging lopsided in a staff breakroom at a medical clinic that said something like “ People don’t remember what you KNOW, they remember how you made them FEEL.”

Wow, lets really think about that. It’s so true, and for me, I made it my number one priority to be someone who made others FEEL good. As a nurse, that meant joking around with patients or holding their hand during difficult times, or even offering to pray with them. As a fitness instructor, it has meant keeping the focus on feeling awesome and powerful during workouts and enjoying what our bodies can do rather than considering activity a physical punishment. So all in all, that poster has been a perspective shifter for me all my life! So now, as we all face this world in its current state of politics, rumors, and general unrest, may we all remember it’s not about what we KNOW, but how we succeed in making other human beings FEEL. You might know every fact and figure about coronavirus or every detail about political issues, but what you KNOW will have zero impact on someone if they can’t get past how you make them FEEL. So be gentle, open your ears, find some compassion, and be aware of how you make someone feel. This could change the world if we could embrace it. I hope we can all agree on that.

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Wow so true that’s all that matters! Thanks for reminding me about that. We need to be gentle in what we say and do to others now more than ever.

Dawn Cash October 18, 2020

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