RobWalker Apparel Is a family owned company based in Columbus, Ohio.

Through our products and blog, we seek to educate about the power of positivity and support a mindful outlook. Our site is designed to be a safe haven for good vibes, acceptance, respect, and empowerment, with a strong ethos underpinned by spirituality.

Wear Your Outlook on Your Sleeve! Your mindset can promote acceptance of others. Your voice can inspire positive change. It's not about shouting the loudest; it's about creating a safe haven for positivity in a challenging world. Wear how you want to feel - and how you wish others could feel. Every time you step out in our positive message t-shirts, you'll be helping to empower  and uplift those who need it. 

Our designs are stylish but more meaningful than just snappy slogans on cute clothing. They encourage self-care, mutual understanding, dream-chasing, and spiritual grounding. They spark connections between people, which we think can only be a good thing.


Our Mission :

  • RobWalker Apparel aims to offset the negativity in the world one shirt at a time.  Through our inspirational tees and accessories - plus our positivity blog - we work to promote happiness, understanding, self-care, and kindness. We hope to inspire you to share the goodness in your heart and spread our message that positivity is everything.

 We value our customer base and appreciate everyone who chooses our brand!