Happiness vs. Joy


Philippians 4:12


Some biblical concepts are tough to swallow. The fact that God never promised us happiness is a big one.  I want to look at this up close right now because I have many people in my close circle struggling with happiness or contentment.  I’m no expert, but as I’ve come through some very traumatic experiences early in my life, I do consider myself to be somewhat of a resource for people emotionally. As humans, we look to our circumstances to determine our ability to find happiness. 

So when things are going well or great, it comes easy to be at peace and be thankful.  However, as we all know, things can and will change, and life is unpredictable.   If we base our emotional wellness on jobs, finances, or even human relationships, our emotions will fluctuate heavily and lead to anxiety, frustration, depression, and despair.  The beautiful realization is: no matter what our circumstances, God’s promise never changes.  Jesus died for you and me, and this short time we spend here on earth flourishing (or struggling) is truly a blink of an eye in light of eternity.

Praise God for that! No matter what, one can always find at least three things daily to be grateful for, even if it is just basic human needs like food and clean water.  I’m someone who believes firmly that the most grateful people are the happiest and most content.  So to that, one might say, well if I had a better job I would be content or if I was able to lose weight or have more money….but my argument to that line of thinking is some of the most joyful, grateful people I’ve ever met were poverty-stricken Haitians!  Think about that.  In conclusion, I want to reiterate that happiness is circumstantial and fleeting. At the same time, Joy in Jesus Christ and your personal relationship with God are permanent and unchanging, a true source of unbreakable JOY.

 God Bless.  



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