Strawberries and Jesus


I had a big, fresh container of super red juicy sweet berries, and as I

washed and sliced them and placed them on the little dinette table for the kids to

devour, I felt a little stir in my soul (holy spirit?). I thought, isn't it funny how the

simplest, earth-grown foods are the very best things we can choose for our body

and physical health, and the most humanly altered and processed food items

are generally the worst? They might taste better and look more enticing, but it

comes down to the simplistic, organic foods that God put here for us to nourish

us best. As a parallel in life, the things that God wants for us, in general, are

often the most basic, simple things (kindness and generosity towards others and

love for thy neighbor) and are best for feeding our soul. The most human and

altered things (money, possessions, power) are the most harmful. We always

think we know what we want/need, but is it always in line with what He desires

for us? Something to think about as I watched with satisfaction as my kids

gobbled up the berries and reflected on this little epiphany and just felt led to

share with you today.  

 God Bless and be well, friends.

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