I used to be afraid of everything- bridges, storms. My dad had to put a chain lock on the attic door in my room, so whatever was in there could not get into my room at night. After I survived "there," well, let's say that the dark is not as scary now. I have been there.

I have strong faith, and it is deeper and stronger than ever. But my perspective is more sensitive because I believe that people who have seen darkness can sense others who have seen it too.

I think that is why over the last 2-4 years, I have been interested in shows and books that face evil head-on. Satan was familiar with the heavens at the very beginning of the beginning. He was beautiful, according to scripture. And Jesus recognized him frequently. 

I hid from all manner of darkness, traumatized and self-protective. I was not aware of why I stayed so far away from horror and frightening things. God knew I could handle nothing that was scary or had a hint of darkness on it for many years. But now I need to know my enemy.

Many television shows and novels have a good versus evil theme in common. They feature demons, witches, and vampires. There are good people in the church, and there are bad ones there also. Some are there to save souls, attempt to save as many as they can.

In their own way, an evil person is fighting to love, be loved, and redeemed. Many of these people are looking for the end and what is there.

I can identify with the darkness now because I've been at the bottom at a couple of points in life, and now when I see people that know messy dark places, I understand and empathize. I understand wanting to be redeemed.

If you have not found yourself in a mess or made what seems like a tragic mistake, it might be hard for you to understand wanting to be redeemed. But when you have, and you are, the joy on the other side is unbelievable. It is honestly even more incredible because you have felt so lost you can hardly believe that there is a way back to peace, calm, and hope. Ask prisoners and prostitutes. Ask the thief on the cross. Oh, wait, He is in paradise. This we know.


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