New Blood

Have you met someone who reminded you why you do what you do? Someone with enthusiasm and energy that is contagious? When someone moves into a new space, some want to squash that life out of them. They cannot stand their light and truth. It makes me so sad to see this. I do not understand why when someone with such a fresh perspective moves into space, everyone cannot breathe in the fresh air and energy and feed off of it and encourage them. Some people want to destroy it. And those people should move on. They should go to a place where they can get better because something has broken them. Something is wrong if you need to destroy someone that wants to do so much good. How can you not see how far you have fallen and how destructive you truly are? Because you had that positive energy and desire to make changes at one time in your life. For you to see how much damage you do to so many people? Do you see how many people you harm with your words? I have fallen prey to bitterness and a cesspool of bile and desire for deadly revenge on my captors myself, and trust me. It takes everything to claw out of that mire. Sometimes I wonder if I have successfully released myself from that prison completely, but today when I witnessed this vicious little flicker of a tail, I remind myself where I don't want to go. When I reinforce my life with positive friends, places, activities, songs, books, and rhythms, I am less likely to sink into that quagmire. It is a slippery slope, and a fresh face with new fresh blood and ideas is so important everywhere in this world right now. We need to protect that by being better ourselves

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