In Pursuit of Automation

As spring hands the baton to summer, it reminds me of how automatic life is around us. From how the smallest seed to the most complex human tiny cell goes about building, repairing, and supporting the organism or plant it is a part of. It is single-minded. They don’t worry about what the other cells think about them or how many likes they have. They produce flowers, trees, and, more magnificently, humans. It’s that single-mindedness I find intriguing.

For me, I struggled initially to get clarity of my overall purpose. I floundered a bit without a mental compass to help me along my journey. But with age came knowledge. I slowly began identifying my passions, long-term goals, and finally felt aligned with my purpose. It wasn’t smooth sailing. Distraction was my nemesis, my antagonist, especially when writing. My weakness is the dreaded internet, specifically social media. One post, and the next thing I’d know, I was so far down the rabbit hole I lost hours to unproductivity. I realized I had to create a routine. So, I started with a writing space and noise-canceling headphones. I fast-draft my manuscripts on a Neo 2 every November and edit from December to October on my laptop. So far, it is working.

As I’ve said in previous posts, I’m much happier when I trust my instincts and tap into the flow of creativity, especially when writing. I began writing my current work in progress about three years ago. Instinctively, I started the story where I thought it would be most interesting and hold the reader’s interest. But I was a new writer. I thought everyone else knew a better way to start my novel. After taking a multitude of courses and classes, what did I discover? That, like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, I knew how to start my manuscript all along. Every cell in my brain told me the right start. A lack of confidence ate away at my resolve, and I changed the beginning to what others suggested. Fast forward to now. I trust that when I am in the flow, tapping into that frequency that flows from my soul, I know the right path for my novel.

Aging has helped me learn from every cell in my body that keeps me alive every day that I should persevere and adapt. When faced with adversity, every cell in our bodies automatically responds. They adapt and persistently work to restore and renew themselves. We can stay determined, learn from our less-than-stellar outcomes, adapt, and overcome our setbacks. Perseverance can build resistance.

Like cells, we can build complex support networks and cultivate mutual support systems. The relationships that we build with others can leverage strengths from the various members. My family and loyal friends support my writing and other entrepreneurial endeavors. Do they believe I will become a published author? Yes, they are my most devout cheerleaders, but doubts creep into my psyche when I repeatedly read the same chapter. When I struggle with whether the love interest’s eyes gleam, glint, or are backlit? None of the above? But then I tap into my flow and persevere. I appreciate their support, and I offer support to them in return. There is power in collaborating with a supportive team.

“But what if I can’t do all of this, Kitt?” I couldn’t either until I made it a priority. I had to give up my fear of failure and resolve to learn from my mistakes and try again. Yes, doubt creeps in, but the duration is less each time. If I need to take a break, I do. I celebrate small wins like finishing a rough draft or chapter revisions, then move on. Ultimately, life happens. It’s up to us to keep our goals in sight. Like our cells, we can adapt, persevere, and tap into our automation, the natural flow of life.

Have a safe and happy summer.

Kitt 💕

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