God's Messenger

Hello my love, 

Your arms are too short to box with God’s messenger.   Meaning, you can’t outwit God!


Like a baby trying to catch your finger while you attempt to keep them quiet during church service.  Like the child who continues to ask for dessert before dinner. Like the adolescent who continues to come home after curfew thinking you won’t catch them.  Sooner or later,  they learn whatever it is they are doing is not working in their favor. Hopefully, it becomes evident and they conform - realizing that they just aren’t as slick, persuasive or quick enough to out think you.  Today, some call this realization ‘Woke”.


What will they do with their ‘woke’ status? Will they cry, whine or sneak and lie? Or, will they learn just how long their arms are and use their new-found status of being ‘Woke” to give you your credit for having gained wisdom during the time God has allowed you walk on Earth.


Note in the examples, children were used because that is who we are - children. Children of God and at some point in time you thought you could outwit God.

Which child are you? Or perhaps the real question is are you WOKE? Are you still trying to box with short arms or are you learning that God is who He is and that He often places people in your life who’s arms are just a little longer than yours? His words and or instructions may come from someone you thought you could outwit. 


John Robert 


Yup, there are those that still think they can outwit God when they are in their 80s and 90s… but they are still children!

Sky June 21, 2020

I always shake my head at those woke kids…. wise words this post has so much truth…. keep on spreading the good word ;)

Jamie Dano June 20, 2020

At the end of the day, we are all children of God! Amen!

Jo June 17, 2020

Very thought provoking piece that you can also feel.

Kim S. February 10, 2020

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