Girl Squad

There is something magical about hanging out with your girls.  There is a sense of community and rejuvenation.  Girl squads come in different forms; they can serve different purposes.  There are the squads at work. There are squads at church. But the ones I enjoy most are those that are trusted, long term friends. These ladies will tell you that your new hair cut looks awful but help you make it presentable—a group whose relationships are more supportive than they are competitive. A good girl squad can help you through your divorce or breakup, will help you up when you are down, and can challenge you to try new things. They can act as mentors for your career.

Girl squads can come in any configuration. There is always a certain girl in the squad that is going to tell you like it is - the tough love squad member.  She is also the one who will stop you from sending that angry email or text to a co-worker. Then, there is the hippie optimist who always has a positive solution to every situation. My favorite squad member is the one who has your back no matter what - no questions asked.

Luckily, women are hardwired to seek other women for support.  A good girl squad can serve as your therapist, your protector, your advisor, but most importantly, your friend. Studies show that women with close female friends often fair better when facing a life-threatening illness.  Of course, not all women like to be around other women. We all have associates that tell us they can't get along with other women and prefer to spend their time around men.  That is fine, no judgment. For me, getting together with trusted friends, no pretense, energizes me whether it has been a week or a year.

Having a girl squad is not just about taking; it is more about giving. We must nurture our squads and make them a priority. If you can fit in color and cut with your stylist, you can make time for your squad. Don’t have a squad? Girl squads can be relatives also.  I have five sisters, and when we were out in about together, lookout.

Of course, building that girl squad will take time. But it is an investment well worth making. As I get older, I have noticed that I am becoming better at being a friend. Whether you and your friends are all wine lovers, writers, exercise buffs, librarians, or just women that click and like hanging out with each other, Be available for your girls—Via zoom, facetime, or in person at a safe distance. You will feel invigorated, recharged, and ready to take on the world.



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