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What is the number one fear? Funny, well not really, but I looked it up and it depends who you ask. Who is the authority?  Well, YOU ARE! What are you most afraid of? Snakes? Clowns? Public speaking? Dentists? Needles? Small spaces? Death?

What happens when you face some of the worst things in your life that could happen and you survive? Cancer? The loss  of a child? An accident that should have killed you? You get a second chance at life. Does fear get a kick in the ass? Does it get less notice?

 Some of us have lived with fear our entire lives and let it stop us from so many things. Things that the world deserves to have from us. I think fear is one of the biggest tools Evil uses to control us. I think that in alleys and in dark corners, demons whisper, on battlefields and very important offices and staterooms there is Fear lurking to stop brave people from doing the things that could truly make a difference in this world.

I know something else , most of what we fear is not true. Probably, less than 10% of what we imagine comes to pass. I mean needles and clowns and dentists. Yes, all of those things are very real. But, the things we imagine and the time we spend imagining them builds these things up to a point that they are far worse than what we experience once we get to them.

 I am not saying it is possible to completely overcome fear, after all this is  a true human condition. But tackling one of them, or even two of them would bring tremendous satisfaction and accomplishment to our lives. For example, let’s tackle the fear of public speaking. How would that look? Try joining a small group of your interest and volunteering to give a talk on the subject. Done. If you have a fear  of Needles - try donating blood.

 I would like to see  the world move to become a sense of community whenever  we see someone hesitate with fear. For people to come alongside each other and help someone when they are hurting and afraid to try.

 Bravery can be born in the kindness of one person performing a very small act and having someone witness it. And someone is always watching. Someone is always hurting that we have no idea about. Many times people that we do not think have any kind of fear are cowering inside. If we all take a position of kindness and good will toward each other, what would happen? These demons of fear might just have no place to whisper. Love conquers all. When people connect and encourage each other, fear scatters.  


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  • Once we overcome the fear, it’s like a weight being lifted. I know, because I overcame being agoraphobic after not leaving the house for a year and a half. Now I feel free and love to go places.

    • Aaron
  • Love > Fear

    • Ellen
  • Very powerful message. Your fears can hold you back from being the best person you can be in this world. Just overcoming one fear at a time, no matter how small would be a personal victory.

    • Dawn
  • TRUE

    • FreeWestEnterpriseLlc
  • Love this….. hits home … great message full of truth …. thank you

    • Desiree

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