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Beyond the Noise


I have been hearing a lot of talk about individuality lately. Often, individuality is expressed as a conduit of not being a sheep. To interpret individuality as a right to be uncooperative is only self-serving.

Individuality is a concept that I hold dear. As I have stated many times before - we all have worth and should embrace our individuality. We all have a purpose. We would not exist if we did not have a purpose. Finding that purpose can be a challenge. Sometimes, we get lost and want to remake ourselves into someone else’s image. Mimic what others say is acceptable.

Every individual, every “race” in the human spectrum on this planet has a right to pursue and to sustain life for themselves. Nowhere in nature is there just one type of anything. Why would human beings be any different? As individuals, we make up a breathtakingly beautiful mosaic. 

Whatever our religion, whatever the color of our skin or exclusive groups we belong to, it is all just noise. The noise that distracts us from our true purpose of experiencing life on this planet together. Using our strengths to help and to support each other is paramount to successfully coexist. No human being has more value than any other. No matter the bank account, the skin tone or preference of partner - no one has a direct line to a supreme being.  If your beliefs are based on religion then you would know we are all made in the image of GOD.  This image that we are made in is referring to our souls, our spirit not our packaging People can present themselves within religion as an intercessor, but they themselves are not supreme beings. If you believe in evolution, then no human would exist that had not evolved to be at this moment.

No matter your belief system, there is no excuse to treat any human being as if they are not worthy of respect simply because of their presentation. There are no minorities, no “others” because we are all the same.  Human.  Different life paths bring us together, intersecting at various points along the way. Those differences should add interest and wonder not disdain and fear. I relish the experiences I have with people from all walks of life and yes, all cultures and “races”. They have touched my life in so many ways that I am forever changed, and I am a more complete person because of them.

Look beyond the noise. Abuse of one is the abuse of us all.


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  • Truth

    • Llillian
  • It’s like you read my mind. When I was watching the riots on tv a few weeks ago, my heart just sank, I felt so sick, and I think your last line summed this up perfectly “Look beyond the noise. Abuse of one is abuse of us all.” I really felt that, watching people set things on fire, I felt like they were hurting everyone.

    • Luna Larsson
  • AMEN!

    • Kinsley
  • The coronavirus has been a bold reminder of this!!

    • Brenda Wyatt
  • I try not to get caught up in the different groups on social media. It’s so hard theses days as everyone has such extreme views. I wish it wasn’t like this. One good thing about pre-Internet times is we didn’t see what someone thought 24/7… I think it has actually created more division in the world. I hope that more people will realize we need to look past our differences and views and unite.

    • Aaron

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